• Sarah Beriyth

Your story influences me too

I find it really emotional when I hear about the amount of children in our direct circles that are being molested.

It is a tough journey for the molested child but to sit and listen... and to walk a child or an adult through this type of pain and trauma is also hard. When they leave my home, their stories stay with me. What the parent go through, stays with me.

How do I cope? I pray. I give the stories and the trauma back to Jesus. He is Big enough to handle it. I am just so grateful that I have that option.

This sweet little girl was very brave to forgive a lot. She came so far in the sessions we had. Her mom played a MASSIVE role in walking her through things as it came up in the sand and at home.

It takes Godly parenting to help a child walk through this.


 Sand Box Therapy by Sarah Beriyth (Afrikaans / English)